About Us

We are building bridges in the TBC community, maximising all potentials with every possibilities.

Our target Community is unlimited to the already existing TBC Community, we hope to get more individuals and corporate organisations into the TBC Community for freedom and more liberalised economy.

Bulk Exchanges are carried out at minimum of 10,000,000 kringles. Exchange fee for bulk exchange is 10%. The higher the exchange amount, the lower the fee. Activation fees and exchange fees are paid in BTC.

Our Vision

To provide egalitarian grounds for all TBCians to partake in the great future of TBC and ensuring that TBC remains the most valued crypto-currency in the future.

Our Mission

To provide seamless TBC Exchange and sales at an affordable price. Working on all possible ways to get kringle into the all conventional crypto-currency status.

Our Values

Our driving zeal for this laudable establishment is the great future he sees in the TBC Community, being a prospective leading crypto community.

Why choose us?

Unrivalled service in the TBC Community.

24/7 Support

Our online agents are ever ready to offer all necessary assistance at every hour of the day.

100% Assurance

It is no longer a secret in the TBC community that our services are unrivalled. Our performance marvels.

Fully Automated

Our Deposit and withdrawals are fully automated to deliver almost in real-time.

Best Rates

Our Exchange rates are the most friendly for clients exchanging with us.

Flexible Operations

Our exchange system is designed to be flexibe for your custom needs in exchanges.

Global Coverage

Our Exchange operation is unlimited, but dynamic to operate worldwide without limits.

How It Works

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www.kringles.exchange is the world's #1 TBC/BTC Exchange platform. We exchange TBC to BTC using the most convenient operational methods. We offer TBC Exchange in simple steps:

  • Sign-Up with kringles.exchange.
  • Pay Exchange and Activation fee.
  • We deliver Exchange in BTC in 24 hours
  • We pay 7% reward for all referrals
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Client satisfaction is our major goal.
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